Cya Networks

While Cya Networks is a new computer consulting company in Wichita, Ks the two main consultants have worked with local government systems 20+ years each. Finding computer solutions for small businesses to the local government size customers with remote offices.

Small Business Solution?

Even for the single user business we find solutions to make your communication and computer networking needs work for you!

Even small businesses can benefit from the new technologies such as virtual servers and workstations to have access to your environment from anywhere.

Cloud Solutions

Small Business sharing resources through the cloud to have less investments in computer system to larger systems creating their own cloud for remote employee access.

Computers, Servers, Networking and Communications

For your computer, server, networking, and communication needs in the Wichita, Kansas area call us at (316) 264-5598 or in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area call us at (505) 515-0201

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